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This photo shows an overhead shot of the Reps and Ropes gift box from Doromania, which includes a bottle with a grey lid, a black jump rope with grey handles, and a yellow box of exercise cards, all in a white gift box with white crinkle paper
This photo shows a flat lay view of the contents of the "Reps and Ropes" gift box on a wood floor - a grey blender bottle, a black and grey cardio speed rope, and a yellow box of bodyweight exercise cards laying on top of a royal blue ribbon.
A photo of a clear bottle with a two tone grey lid, with a paper sleeve around it that says "Blender Bottle Classic"
A photo of a yellow box that reads "Bodyweight Exercise Cards", with diagrams of a woman doing jumping jacks and a man doing lunges.
A photo of a jump rope with grey handles wrapped around a cardboard hanger that says "Cardio Speed Rope."
This photo shows eight bodyweight fitness cards spread out in a fan across a wood floor. Each card has a yellow band across the top with the name of an exercise, and the rest of the card is white with written exercise instructions.
A photo of a white box with a royal blue satin ribbon tied in a bow

Reps and Ropes

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Give the gift of gains! Also known as the "All the Gyms Are Closed Again" box, this is a great gift for anyone who is missing their regular workout routine. Gift recipients can use the speed rope for some cardio, then choose as many bodyweight exercise cards as they can manage. The cards have easy to follow instructions and are good for newbies and pros alike. A shake in the Blender Bottle wraps up a quality home workout experience.

The "Reps and Ropes" fitness gift box includes:

  • Classic Bottle - Pebble Grey (20 oz.) // Blender Bottle
    A shaker bottle with a wire whisk to mix your protein powder into the smoothest of shakes.

  • FILA Cardio Speed Rope // Gaiam
    A simple PVC and nylon jump rope with foam grippy handles.

  • Bodyweight Exercise Cards // NewMeFitness
    This deck includes 50 oversized cards with different bodyweight exercises. (No equipment needed!) Follow one of the pre-made workouts or shuffle the deck and pick a few. Each card has a detailed description with step by step illustrations.

Your items are packaged in a 10 in. x 10 in. x 4 in. white magnetic storage box filled with white crinkle paper. Your personalized message is printed on a flat card, which is placed in an envelope and attached to the box. Write your note during checkout - and don't forget to include who it's from!

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